Comparasion Essay Abraham Lincoln vs Martin Luther King

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  • Published: November 14, 2011
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Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.
Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King both influenced history at different time for very similar beliefs. They bought fought for civil rights of African Americans who did not always have the rights they have now. They were once slaves and owned by white people .As slaves they were required to do what they were told. A slave had no rights and was treated like a nobody. They were often beaten physically and mentally. Lincoln fought for the freedom of slaves and even went to war for this belief. Once the African Americans were now free from slavery they were not always treated as equals. They were once treated as outcasts and did not begin with white people. Times have changed due to the efforts of Lincoln and king. Lincoln fought for their freedom of slaves. while king fought for civil rights. They were also booth known for being great speakers. They booth have famous speeches that are still referenced today. Although Lincoln and king fought at two different times, they both influenced the United States greatly.

Abraham Lincoln and martin Luther king both fought for African Americans. Lincoln fought for their freedom. He believed that slavery should be abolished and that African Americans should be free. Lincoln fought for his beliefs in freedom of every man . . The United States even went to war over this. The civil war was the war to fight slavery. The civil war began after the election of Lincoln into presidency in 1860. After Lincoln’s election, The country began to secede from each other. Some parts did not believe in everyone being treated as equals. This cause us to break up into two groups. 11 states separated themselves from the united states they were known as the conferederates. . The 11 states that separated were South Carolina, Missiisippi, Florida, alamaba , Georgia, Louisiana , Texas, virginal, Arkansas , south Carolina and Tennessee. These states still believed in slavery while the rest of the country agreed with Lincoln that all men should be free. The conferederate believed that africanamericans should not be free. They wanted to keep African Americans as slaves. They believed that how they were to be treated . Although slavery was not the sole cause of the civil war it was a major issue. Many lives were lost during this war. Many African Americans were able to enlist and fought for their freedom. After the war the slaves were freed thanks to Lincoln’s efforts

Like Lincoln Martin Luther king fought for the civil rights of African Americans. After the slaves were free they were still treated as slaves. Some people still believed that they were not equal. Even nearly a century after the civil war blacks were still treated unfairly. They were seregreated, which means they were separated. There were bathrooms for white people and bathrooms for the blacks. They were not to be caught over in the white restrooms. There were many laws to keep them separated. Even though they had been free for such a long time they were not allowed the same rights as the white man. Lincoln wanted them to have the same right as the white man . He was one of the leaders in the African American civil rights movement. The civil rights movement was between 1955 and 196. He was very non-violent in his protest. He also won the noble prize for being non-violent. He would arrange protests and sit ins for get his point across. He had many followers who would follow him city to city just to march with him. there was the Montgomery bus boycott that he was involved in his fight. The boycott was to fight the fact that the buses were segregated. At this time the buses would make all the blacks sit in the back. They were not allowed to be in the front at all. The bus drivers would make them all move to the back. This was also the law at the time. Any black in the font would be arrested an taken to jail. They boycott was when African Americans stopped taking the bus. This was hurtful to the...
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