Topics: Knowledge management, Information systems, Management information system Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Group Project COMP 325, Information Systems Management
Submission Deadline: 4th May 2013 (23:30 Hrs)

******************************************************************************** In this group project, you are expected to form a group to work on the same topic chosen by your group. Each group should NOT have more than four students. ******************************************************************************** Project Details: Please choose at least two companies and conduct a detailed comparative study from the perspective of management information systems. These two companies should be in the same industrial sector and include at least one Hong Kong or Mainland China based company. In order to ensure non-duplication, please make sure that you validate your selected companies from TA (email: You are expected to perform a qualitative comparative study to reveal the strengths and the weaknesses of the company. How does it align IT with the company’s competitive strategies? How does it create competitive advantages over the other competitors or suffer from the competitive disadvantage with other company in the industry? And, finally the study should conclude with some relevant/realistic recommendations, possibly by referring to successful examples of companies in the same industrial sector. Your study should be focused on some, but not limited to, following perspectives. IT Strategies For example: o Competiveness IT strategy o Value-Chain analysis o Competitive forces analysis, SWOT, PEST analysis IT Systems For example: o Decision support systems o Knowledge management systems o Supply chain management systems o Executive support systems o Transaction processing systems IT infrastructure and Technologies 1


For example: o Architecture, Operating system(s), Data storage, Networking … E-Business For example: o Digital markets, e-payment, pricing model, business model B-B, B-C, C-C Others For example: o IT Security and...
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