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Between 1750 and 1900, Mexico and Brazil had similarities politically in that they both developed monarchies after their independence movements, but were different in social aspects in that Mexico had abolished slavery and Brazil had not and they were also different politically in that Mexico had a war for liberty and Brazil had a peaceful independence movement.

After their independence movements, Mexico and Brazil were politically similar in that they both turned into monarchies. Until 1820, Dom João VI, the king of Portugal, ruled his empire from Brazil after the French invasion. He left his son, Pedro I, as his successor and he declared Brazil’s independence in 1822, becoming the constitutional emperor and, therefore, making Brazil a monarchy. In Mexico, Agustín de Iturbide was proclaimed the first Emperor after leading Mexicans to victory and independence from Spain. The fact that he was a conservative contributed him being crowned emperor in 1822, developing a monarchy. He ruled the country for less than a year and was removed from power by General Antonio López de Santa Anna and was exiled to England. An analysis of this similarity shows it could have occurred because a monarchy was a solution to times of turmoil after Mexico and Brazil’s independence movements. Mexico and Brazil had different social views in that Mexico had abolished slavery, but Brazil had not. When Mexico won its independence from Spain, the Constitution of 1824 abolished all kinds of slavery. Mexican efforts to free slaves played a vital role in the formation of the Republic of Texas. Though the presence of a large slave population angered the elite’s thoughts of independence in Brazil, there was an amplification of slavery until 1850. The development of coffee as an export crop brought economic rebirth. This difference socially between Mexico and Brazil occurred because the majority of the population in Mexico was Catholic and slavery was seen as immoral and...
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