Community Service

Topics: High school, Education, Learning Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: April 21, 2009
I believe that it is for the good of character if all high school students should have to do at least forty hours of community service throughout their high school career. I will explain why it is such a great idea for this to pass in all high school.

First of all, community service is the doing of work for a needy person or people for no pay at all. When a person does community service they can build character while also learning about a skill that they may have never known that they were good at.

Second, I believe that in order to graduate a student should have at least forty hours of community service. That means a student could do ten hours a year, which in reality is not a lot for anyone to do even if they are working or are in sports.

Finally, I know that community service is effective because I did one hundred hours of community service for my church. The feeling that I got after I helped out a needy person or after I cleaned up somebody’s mess was indescribable. It made me a completely different person, for the better, and gave me skills in which jobs like to hear about.

All in all, community service is a great way for high school students to give back to the community, especially since it is the community that pays taxes which funds the schools that we American students get to go to for no charge. So in ending I think that if high school students did community service then it would be a big thank you from us to our city, town, or even state.
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