Community Health Strategies

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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Community Health Strategies Paper

Access to Quality Health Care
Access to quality health care is so vitally important in not only eliminating, but decreasing the prevalence of health problems and fatalities. By providing health care for all types of people, there will in turn be an increase in the years of life and quality for individuals involved. Healthy people 2010 strives to make health care accessible to all Americans no matter what their insurance, background or situation. The public health systems work to education the under-served populations and prevent further health damages. The public health system ensures there is funding for free and reduced price clinics.

Currently I reside with my family in Anchorage Alaska. Anchorage has a large homeless population. According to one study at a local University, 0.24% of the population in Alaska are homeless. This ranks at the 10th highest in the nation. With the homeless population as large as it is, the access to quality healthcare is diminished and often overlooked for these people. Although there are many shelters and free clinics throughout town, it is evident that is just not enough quality care for this population.

The main issue with the access to health care in Alaska is the actual wait to see a provider. While there is a few free clinics located throughout the city, they are often full and have to turn people away at the end of the day. The purpose of this paper is obviously to find a solution to the provided healthcare in Alaska. Watson’s Theory

Dr. Jean Watson’s theory of human caring is based on many factors. The most important of all the factors is treating a patient holistically. This has top priority when it comes to Watson. Health promotion through knowledge and education is very important in patient education and care for the patient. Watsons theory is based on the 10 carative factors. To incorporate these in to the community health setting it is important to treat the...
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