Community Crime

Topics: Poverty, Unemployment, Money Pages: 4 (1332 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Steven Beatty
Midterm Essay #1
Prompt 1
People in America for years have been living under the assumption that they can do anything they wish and can be successful based on the idea of the “American Dream”. As it’s seen through the recent recession and the 1920s’ depression the poverty issue has seem to put down the idea of the “American Dream” and some people have given up hope they can be successful. A recent radio talk show host has stated that, “Nobody has to be poor in this country. If you’re poor, it’s because you’re irresponsible.” My opinion is that if a person is poor it doesn’t mean they are irresponsible they may just have a hard time making enough money to provide for themselves let alone a family of four, and don’t have the luxury like upper-class individuals who may be born into money and never have to work to be successful.

To start off my argument I’d like to discuss on how America defines a person as poor. America distinguishes a person as poor if they are under the “poverty line.” Even if the family’s income is a dollar under the poverty line they will be labeled as the poor by the government. As of the year 2010 for a family of four the threshold was $23,050, which when broken down into a monthly allowance is only $1900. Those families in all means wouldn’t have the resources to enjoy modern day luxuries like Apple products or having the ability to enjoy eating out at restaurants. Just because a family doesn’t have much money to spend on things outside the necessities, it doesn’t mean they are irresponsible. The parents in the family may be happy with their career choice and have a steady paying job in which it doesn’t pay a lot of money. If they are happy with their life and essentially their American Dream then there is no right in saying that they are irresponsible. It’s also been found that a shocking 42% of the population is below the threshold and many of them earn as much as $9,000 below the poverty line.

A family that is...
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