Communism vs Capitalism

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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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Is Communism a better economic system than capitalism?
By Michael Kujawski

Since the beginning of the 20th century many countries have favored the economic system of communism over capitalism many political partys around the world that are communist based have the term “workers party”incuded in their name because communism is a system for the working class and capitalism is a competitive system for the upper class society to benefit. Communism was not envisioned by one person but molded and perfected by many one of the key contributors to the creation of communism was Karl Marx who wrote The Communist Manifesto which heavily criticized capitalism “The flaws Marx found in capitalism led him to believe that communism would create the best political, economic, and social situation for citizens in every society” (L.T., 1).In a totalitarian state ruled by communists one political party controls every aspect of the government mainly the economy instead of being able to grow or produce what you want the government would tell you what to grow and how much to grow thus decreasing competition among different corporations manufacturing and mass producing the same items or goods. By controlling the economy the people in a communist nation also are equal not separated by accumulated wealth .Many countries with newly formed communist regimes are often the result of a revolution inside the country or expansion by an already communist state countries like Russia,China,Cuba,Vietnam,North korea,Cambodia and many more because the people wanted a change in government that would benefit themselves and their country showing that communism is still a rising system in the modern world and that it is very successful economically socially and diplomatically overall communism is a system that will benefit a nations people economy and government over a extended period of time Capitalism is the economic system that has reigned...
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