Communication Studies Reflection

Topics: Doctor, William Hurt, Doctor Who Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Communication Studies
Reflection “It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Child”

The scene takes place in a doctor’s office. David and Sarah Thompson have brought in their 10-year-old son Michael because of an ankle sprain. As the doctor enters the room, Michael is sitting on the examination table in shorts and a T-shirt with a bare right foot and ankle. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are sitting in chairs close to him.

Doctor: So, you are Michael. I am Dr. Gupta. Nice to meet you Michael. [shakes Michael’s hand] How are you doing today? Michael: Okay.
Doctor: [turning to Mr. and Mrs. Thompson] And are you Michael’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson? Nice to meet you. [extends hand to shake] Mrs. Thompson: Nice to meet you also. [shakes hands with doctor] Mr. Thompson: Charmed I’m sure [shakes hands with doctor]

Doctor: Ok.. [turning back to Michael] So what brings you in today, Michael? Michael: I hurt my ankle.
Doctor: How did this happen?
Michael: I was skateboarding and, I don’t know [pauses and looks over to his parents] I guess I just slipped or something? Doctor: When did this hap….? [Mrs. Thompson intrudes]
Mrs. Thompson: He did it about three days ago but last night I noticed he was still limping and I thought I ought to bring him in. I don’t think it’s broken, do you? Doctor: Well, let me take a look first. [begins to examine ankle] I’m just going to take a look at your foot. Is that sore? Michael: Ouch! Yes it hurts!

Mr. Thompson: Stop being ah fool an leh de docta check yuh foot fuh meh please! Mrs. Thompson: [at Mr. Thompson] Oh gosh..yuh doh hadda talk to him so.. [Mr. Thompson eyebrows frown together] Mr. Thompson: I ask yuh anything! [Mrs. Thompson remains quiet] Doctor: That’s okay. Let me just do one more thing. I’m going to raise your foot. [raises ankle] Michael: Owwww!

Mr. Thompson: MICHAEL! Behave yuh self boy! [pinches Michael on the arm] How much times I hadda talk tuh yuh. [Michael begins to cry] Doctor: [looks at Mr. Thompson in disgust] It’s okay,...
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