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Topics: Management, Feedback, Control theory Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: December 8, 2012
I’m here to tell you different types of control.
As you can see in this slide, we have feed-forward control in the Input stage which means before the project began. In the progress stage, concurrent control is used. Eventually, we have Feedback control after the end of the project.

So moving on, I’d like to talk about the details of different types of control and give you some examples respectively.

The first one is feed-forward control, as the grape shown in previous slide; feed- forward control is used in the input stage of the process. To set up feed-forward control, managers should anticipate routine and structured problems by using historical information before they arise So that those problems can be prevent.

For example, the company can give a guideline to employee or set up a code of practice.

In this slide, I‘ll give you an actual example, McDonald. Do you think there is similar taste between McDonald in different location? It is because McDonald makes a rigorous feed-forward control on the food quality. Once McDonald plans to open its first restaurant in a new city, they will send quality control experts to there and help the farmers learn techniques for growing high quality potatoes. Also, they will let the staff learn the processes for baking high-quality breads, So that they can ensure the quality and the taste of the products

We are not god, so we can’t know what will happen in the future; feed-forward control only can prevent the routine and structural problem. In the implement, many unpredicted problem will occur. So we have concurrent control to allow managers to correct problems as they arise. The best-known form of concurrent control is direct supervision. Manager can use technology can minimize the delay of giving corrections.

The real example is foxconn, they require their employees to finish a certain amount of text in a hour, so employee have a too much stress. The final result is between January and May, 2010,...
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