Communication Barriers

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Writing is a good skill to learn about how to write and what are the benefits of writing. In my timeline I will be explaining some of my life’s stages that was important for me to write. In my childhood when I was three years old, my eldest sister gave me a paper and a pencil and showing me how to hold it accurately, she was telling me that its significant thing to learn how to write my full name with no mistakes. And then when I was 5 years, my mother wanted to take me to the KG but I was crying a lot! So my sister hold the responsibility to let me learn how to write Arabic and English alphabets and numbers. That was hard for me little bet but I really loved the way that my sister was teaching me, and the most thing that motivated me to learn writing is when she asked me to write something and I write it in an accurate way she give me a piece of chocolate.

After that, when I was seven years old I entered school as grade 1 student. I used to learn how to write a letter in Arabic subject. And I was the only one who gets full mark in writing, so my teacher was giving me simple gifts for encouraging me to keep up with writing. Then, from grade 2 to grade 8 I learned many types of writing at school such as: writing letters to friends and family in English, writing an employment letters in Arabic, writing an essays about any topic that I choose in both languages Arabic and English.

After that, the most important stage of writing in my life started when I was 15 years old. I started to write poems in Arabic. It was a simple writing but my brothers were encouraging me to keep writing till now. But after finishing my high school and joined the college, I used to write in a different way. I learned how to write essays with a high level of writing that called “academic writing” and that type of writing has special requirements to be academic such as: writing paper research, IELTS (essay writing) and how to write normal notes and Cornell notes that assist me to...
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