Topics: State of emergency, Law, Human rights Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: May 22, 2013
FEMA Camps

After digging some information about FEMA camps, I don’t really see this much more than just a conspiracy. I find it as a detention center for the terrorists, drug cartels, illegal immigrants and all the other people that are not compatible with the society. However, this can be used in sinister ways, to confine the minority and innocent civilians, but I don’t think this will likely happen. I do not think that president Obama is trying to pursue martial laws against people, this is absurd. Currently FEMA is being used to support the victims from natural disasters. The camps are being used as shelters and the guards are needed for public order. When people lose all their properties and are devastated, they have nothing to lose so they eventually would do stupid things like looting. Security is needed in such anarchy state., I was reading the concepts of FEMA camps that were written by activists and found out some of the concepts by FEMA are partially reasonable. I agree that, criminals and the threats to our society, should do labor mandatorily because they are like a cancer to the society and we’re virtually feeding them. But I disagree on suspending the constitution, and suspending laws to the extreme. I think a rational balance point is needed, which makes another contradiction. I do think that whatever the person they are, they should be treated in law fairly, but in another point of view these people are the ones that threats the whole law system so these people should be treated not by law, they can only be treated by martial law I kind of understand the fact why FEMA Camps are being settled. It is because FEMA has the rights to conduct martial law in the circumstance of emergency.

South Korea had a time of martial law in the 1970’s and this is now remembered as a recession of democracy. However at this time South Korea have thrived financially and build up Korea as it is today. There are reports that there were confinements and murder on...
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