Common Sense

Topics: American Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence, Thomas Paine Pages: 5 (1990 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Omar El-Azhary
6 May 2012
Common Sense
Making people understand a serious situation like America’s independence is not easy, but Thomas Paine was able to do so through his book, Common Sense. Thomas Paine was able to communicate his ideas to common simple farmers and to the high class intellectuals very easily. He lived at the time of the American Revolution, and Common Sense is one of his main publications that urged Americas’ independence from the British. Born in 1937, Thomas Paine was originally an English man to his father, and he holds radical views on religion which caused him criticism and so little people attending his funeral when he died at 1809. Paine live in a critical time, he lived in the time period that is the most important in America’s history, which is the American Revolution. At that time, America face many social, political, and economic problems, and Paine felt that it was his duty to make people understand these problems, and he offered solutions to them as well. This was the most crucial time period in America’s history, thus, Paine said “these are the times that try men’s soul.” Paine in the last quote refers to the American Revolution and that being a real American and being really caution about America, you must participate in the Revolution; this is what he means by “try men’s soul.” Paine believes that America must be independent, and that it will inevitably be independent and America will be much better in everything once it gains its independence. Paine argues that independence is inevitable, and he is pretty sure that will fix social, political, and economic problems America face due to the British occupation. All of this is being argued in his book, Common Sense, to make it easier for everyone to understand the situation they are in. One of the main aspects of his book was to make people understand what the country is composed of, the government and the Society, and the differences between them. He also explains the history and origins of the monarchy. All of this was for one purpose, this was to make people understand what is really going on, and why what is happening is happening. In the book Common Sense, Paine describes the Government as a necessary evil, and we can’t live without it, it’s inevitable. He argues that the government is an evil but it is necessary for accomplishing the goals of the Society. In Paine’s view of the aspect, the society’s main goal is to be happy, and it is the government’s role to make the society happy. This is why the government in necessary, although it may be an evil, but we can’t live without it. The reason that caused Paine to start off by distinguishing between the government and society is that he observed that people always have the tendency to get confused between them. Society is there for us to be happy, on the other hand, the government is there just for protection of this society. Paine says that the government must be judged on the extent of fulfilling its only goal, protection of the society. He also argues in his book that people must be supportive to the government to fulfill its goals. To make a better understanding of the government and society, Paine gives an example of a group of people that went to an island to live alone, and they don’t know each other. Eventually, these people will conduct some great relationships that will bring them closer to each other. They will want to live a happy life with no trouble, and they will eventually not want anyone to do any action that may offend other, or an action that may cause them unhappiness. In order to prevent this from happening, they will inevitably make rules, and these rules will expand, which will cause them to make a constitution. They will also have a small group of people as leaders, to enforce these laws. As the population increases, they must have a government. This shows that the government is inevitable for a society that wants to be happy, and all societies want to be happy....
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