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Business Management and Administration (1006)

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Business Management and Administration (1006)

Course Title

Business Management and Administration

Unit Code BMA-0605 Level Credits 1/2 20 GW

Unit Leader Pre-requisites

Main Aim(s) of the Unit:
The module introduces the student to a range of studies which are useful in understanding people in the workplace. It examines the concept of management within the global business environment and through the appraisal of business cases, a variety of approaches are considered. The module prepares students for their likely future roles as managers in organisations. It encourages them to synthesize knowledge and experience gained in other modules by considering competing perspectives on the nature of management. It encourages them to reflect upon the contribution that they might make as individuals to the management process, and to explore their own skills as potential managers, within the context of their peer group. The module touches practical, moral and ethical dimensions of the management role. This module complements the Business Strategy, Human Resource Management and Management Theory and Practice, by examining the key problems and dilemmas that may emerge for stakeholders in contemporary organisations.

Main Topics of Study:

The Organisational Background to Business Administration
The Management Framework to Business Administration • What are Business Administration and Management? • The Board of Directors • Functions within an Organisation • The 'Systems' Approach to Organisation • Planning-Control Feedback Cycles Characteristic Features of Organisations • The Structure of Organisations and the Need for Authority • The Features of Bureaucratic and Non-Bureaucratic Organisations • Traditional Principles and Types of Organisation • More about Systems & Subsystems

The Structure of Business Enterprises


Business Management and Administration (1006)

• • •

The Pattern of Organisations Business Types including; Sole-Trader Enterprises, Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, The Limited Liability Company, Non-Profit-Making Units (Clubs & Societies), Public Enterprises Public Sector Organisations; Autonomous Public Corporations, Nationalised Industries, Local Government Institutions, Central Government Departments

Functions within Organisations
The Production Function: • The Production Process and Types of Production • Site Selection & Factory Planning • Plant & Equipment • Materials & Materials Handling Production Administration • Costing Aspects of Production • Work Study • Maintenance & Production • CAD, CAM & CIM The Purchasing Function: The Nature of Purchasing and the Role of the Purchasing Officer • • Purchasing Department Procedures, Inventory Control, Stores Control and Economic Order Quantity The Research & Development Function: • The Functions of the Research & Development Department • Basic Research • Problem-Based Research • Ideas Generation • Applied Research & Development • Patents, Trade Marks & Service Marks • Research & Development in the Business Organisation The Marketing Function: • Introduction to Marketing and The Marketing Philosophy • Market Analysis & Research • Promotion, Publicity & Public Relations Pricing Policy • Credit Control • • Sales Administration Transport & Distribution (Logistics) • • Export Marketing Personnel Department: • The Need for Staff • The Functions of the Personnel Department and a Personnel Policy • Employee Records • Promotion, Transfer, Termination & Dismissal Industrial Relations Practice • • The Remuneration of Staff

The Administrative Officer’s Role


Business Management and...
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