Combating Compassion Fatigue

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Combating Compassion Fatigue
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Combating Compassion Fatigue
Helping people is a very necessary and extremely hard occupation. Not every person has a passion to help others, thus very few people can be care givers. This job is very stressful and difficult. Caring victims or seriously ill men nurses face negative emotions, suffering, and anxiety. Thus, sometimes caregivers become disappointed, exhausted and unable to do their work. Their constant stress and pervasive negative attitude are the consequences of the features of the job and called compassion fatigue. This phenomenon, its peculiarities and the steps to prevent it will be carefully analyzed in this paper. Warning signs for compassion fatigue

Caregivers, doing their job, always have the professional risk to get moral trauma, empathetic strain and become burn-out. These few mentioned symptoms are also called compassion fatigue. This is the specific illness of above mentioned professional groups. Compassion fatigue can be accompanied by mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional exhaustion. This can lead to inability to rejoice or have at least some positive emotions. This is the warming sign for the concept which is called Counter Compassion Fatigue with Mindfulness. Mentioned disease has the broad range of symptoms. Consequently, there is the necessity to mention at least few of them. Thus, caregivers are exposed to face the lack of enjoyment in their personal life, undue fatigue, and overheating. In addition, these people become to spend a lot of money for unnecessary things, blame others unreasonably and also have some physical problems the most common of which are toothache, headache and abdominal pain (A hospital-wide approach to combating compassion fatigue).

All above mentioned are connected with the Combating compassion fatigue concept. According to a hospital-wide approach, all symptoms are divided into four...
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