Columbine High School Massacre

Topics: Columbine High School massacre, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Columbine High School Pages: 5 (1953 words) Published: May 17, 2011
Columbine High School Massacre

On Tuesday, April 20 1999, Columbine High School located in Columbine Colorado an unfortunate massacre happened and many teens lost their lives. The two students responsible for this incident were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. These two senior students were responsible for killing twelve students and one teacher; they were also responsible for injuring an additional twenty one students on their rampage. A few other students were injured while trying to escape the school. Columbine is considered the fourth deadliest school massacre in history. It was said to be that there was not one target but everyone was a target on Eric and Dylan’s rampage through the high school

Some early warning signs were overlooked a few years prior to the massacre. Eric and Dylan were bright students who started a website on America Online that was set up to host a video game called “Doom.”Doom is a violent space age video game where the person playing the game is the shooter that tries to take over. Their website contained jokes and small journal entries that had to do with their thoughts about school, parents, and friends. As the website was up for a period of time the boys started posting articles on the trouble that they were causing. The website also contained instructions on how to make explosive devices. If you were to read through the website you would know that the boys were angry against society and their tensions were building within. Another warning sign was Dylan wrote a report on being a hit man and how he would take out people in his path of destruction. The teacher thought that the paper was violent for school and reported this to the principal and to Dylan’s parents. Dylan’s parents said that they would take care of the problem and Dylan’s excuse was that it was just a harmless paper that he had written using his imagination.

The website had a few visitors mostly the visitors were from the high school where the web address had been passed around another students mother had seen the website and filed numerous complaints to local police. Investigators looked into the matter and saw the website but never followed through with a search warrant. The website by now was filled with death threats that were directed towards other students and teachers that attended Columbine High School. Some of the other posts that were included on the website were Harris’ hatred for society and his desire to kill the teens and teachers that annoyed him. Harris had also posted on his website that he had completed making pipe bombs and also a gun count with a hit list of people that he wanted to target.

In January of 1998 Eric and Dylan broke into a van and stole some tools and equipment. Both of the boys were arrested and plead guilty to felony theft in a joint hearing that took place in Littleton Colorado. The boys were sentence to Juvenile Diversion and had to attend multiple classes together one of which was an anger management class. Harris went to see a psychologist for about a year after the incident. The psychologist had prescribed an anti depression drug called Zoloft which is for depression and anger issues. During this time the Dylan had altered the website back to the original state that it was set up for which was the video game Doom. Eric had a separate part of the website that he had been boasting about his ever growing supply of guns and bombs that he had been collecting. Shortly after the website this change America Online had deleted this site from the internet permanently.

Both Eric and Dylan had started keeping journals of their progress of their arrests they also documented their arsenal with video that they kept secret. The boy’s journal discussed major plans on how they were going to follow through with their attack on the school. The videos talked about the explosives, ammunition, and the weapons that they had accumulated illegally. They had also discussed how they were hiding the...
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