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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Student Guide

Discuss: The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange brought profound changes to both the Old World and the New. Agriculture was transformed through the introduction of new plants and animals in both directions. Health and population levels were affected, often in catastrophic ways, by the exchange of diseases. Culture and history were transformed by the introduction of new technologies, which brought Native American civilizations advances in tool use and warfare that had previously been unknown to them. This lesson facilitates discussion of the consequences of the Columbian Exchange.

Lesson Objectives

• Discuss the changes in agriculture and technology wrought by the Columbian Exchange.

• Explore the structure of global trade that resulted from the Eurasian presence in the post-Columbian Americas.

• Analyze the historical, economic, cultural, and material benefits and costs of the Columbian Exchange for the Americas and Eurasia.


□ Participate in the threaded discussion board (online, scored by teacher).

Discuss: The Columbian Exchange

To complete this lesson, do the following:

Review the online screens to prepare you for the online discussion question. Ask for help if the material is unfamiliar to you.

Print the Threaded Discussion Board Grading Rubric and review the contents.

Use the threaded discussion board to begin this activity. Be sure to check back regularly to participate in the discussion with your fellow students and teacher.

You can take notes in this space as you work through the lesson.


Group Discussion Prompt

Discuss the costs and benefits of the Columbian Exchange. Who benefited more from the exchange: the New World or the Old World? Consider the influence of...
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