Color Purple Epistolary Format

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  • Published : July 18, 2012
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The Color Purple was written in the epistolary form, which means it was constructed in a series of letters addressed to a person. I believe The Color Purple was written in this approach for a certain purpose; to convey a personal outlook into the life of Celie. This style of writing was notable in the 18th and 19th, and Alice’s Walkers use of it has been acknowledged for the resurrection of this type of novel. In using this technique, the author is free to establish deep relationships with those who are reading this novel. It allows you to feel as though you are involved in this novel and the author is merely nonexistent. As the characters appear in the story the reader is able to understand various, emotions, motivations, locations and actions of the characters. This method allows Alice to develop direct communication and multiple perspectives of the characters in this novel. The letters allow the reader to be omnipresent and omnipotent. It allows the reader to have incite on what the characters are thinking and feeling in that very moment. The reader seems to be closely connected to the settings in this novel. The dialogue used in these letters gives details about the characters background. This novel uses direct speech and does not use of quotation marks or speech marks. This technique allows the reader to understand that it is in a present tense and is immediate. The southern dialect is element in the novel that gives the reader more information on the character’s personality, upbringing, culture and where the story is taking place. 'Kine' is used instead of Kind, 'gainst' is used instead of against, 'Naw' is used instead of No. All of Celie’s emotions are told through these letters. Her fears, secrets, and other personal knowledge is spilled through the pages of the story. The reader is looking into her thoughts as they were their owns. At first, Celie is has no way to avoid the abuse she is getting. Celie keeps Alphonso’s warning in mind that she “better...
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