Color in Cabaret

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Film Paper
Color in Cabaret
In the movie Cabaret color is used to symbolize many different things. There is a wide array of color that shows the viewer what is going on between the characters and what the general emotion of a scene is. In many instances the colors foreshadow what will happen later in the movie. Conflicts in the film are also shown by the difference in color schemes making it more obvious to the viewer the contrast of the two ideals in conflict. This masterful use of color is just one element that makes the movie a masterpiece.

Let’s take the color red for instance. In the opening scene it is very evident as Brian Roberts enters Germany and is looking for a place to stay. All around him as he walks and rides the bus are different examples of the color red. In this case red symbolizes a new life beginning; it symbolizes a more free life; much different from the sheltered life he has been living. This use of red is directly symbolic of the cabaret which is a new fun place where he sees Sally Bowles perform for the first time. ; She changes his life drastically. Even her lipstick is red which shows the viewer that Brian’s life will soon become new and exciting. So the overall meaning of red in the beginning of the film is change. Later in the film the meaning changes because it is associated with the Nazi party. In that case red means a change in power which is believed to be good then but will prove to be a dangerous change.

The colors of Brian’s clothes in the first few scenes are very different from those in the kit kat club. He wears very neutral colors like gray, beige, and brown. These symbolize his old lifestyle, far from the one he is about to encounter. These colors reoccur in the film and usually symbolize old and boring. When we meet Natalia we see this use of the boring color scheme in her dress , which we later find out symbolizes her traditional and sheltered lifestyle. Her outfit even clashes with Sally’s...
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