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Within this Essay, I will compare two artist's plates, outlining the key differences between them - Plate 1.3.24 Cezannes Jug and Fruit (1885-87) and Plate 1.3.30 Zubarans Still Life with Lemons, Orange and a Rose (1663). Although both pictures are of still life objects, they way in which they have been painted are quite different and therefore give the viewer quite different experiences. 


The composition of both plates are Cézanne's Jug and Fruit (Plate 1.3.24), and Zurbarán's Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose (Plate 1.3.30) is important in establishing a sense of perspective in each painting key in giving a different perspectives of the plate. Cezanne has achieved a sense of depth by the use of scaling the fruit - the pieces of fruit are different sizes giving a 3 dimensional perspective to the picture. It almost looks like the pears to the front of the picture are rolling off the table and that one could grab one. Cezanne has also achieved a real sense of depth in this picture by his use of atmospheric perspective in the use of the blue colouring at the rear of the picture against the darker table. 

This contrasts with the composition of Zurbarans plate painting. He as he has used a different type of composition in that all the items within the picture are lined up in a row horizontally, and all scaled in the same way. The way that Zurburan has grouped and aligned the objects in the picture gives a more organised feel to the picture, compared to the more rustic and relaxed look of Cezanne's picture which he has created by not grouping in the same way. The Zurbaran picture almost seems more of a photo compared to the Cezanne picture which pulls you into the picture space and almost makes you feel that the picture plane is not actually there. 
Tone, Colouring and Lighting.

Both of these artists have used tone, colour and lighting in very different ways and produces a different type of feeling about the picture. Cezanne has...
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