College Survival Guide

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Trialani V. Hill

Professor Vickers

ENC 1101

March 21, 2013

College Survival Guide

College is exceedingly important, it grants a fantastic opportunity for students to get and work with leaders and experts in their chosen field. College opens countless doors and provides many benefits. Students who attend college generally meet higher skill levels than does that don’t. Skills like being organized, paying attention in class and having a good relationship with your professor all tie in together for being successful in your college career. College is the process to transform a young adult into a professional in the work place. The three key steps to surviving college are being organized, paying attention in class and having a good relationship with your professors. Being organized, this is the most important and first step in surviving college. To aid in being ready you can get daily planners and calendars to keep up with your homework, assignments and classes. At the beginning of every semester your professor gives you a class syllabus which can ease you in keeping track of all due dates and test. Also marking vital information with highlighters and pens in your notes and textbooks can also aid you in being more ordered and to learn key points you’re required to know for future work. Paying attention in class, the second step of surviving college is imperative, once you’re in college you become an adult, your professors will treat you like an adult. It’s your responsibility to turn in papers on time, showing up to class every day and taking needed notes. If you fail to follow any of these rules it’s no one fault but yours. Moreover try not skipping many classes. Once you skip or miss a class you will miss a whole lesson and it’s your duty to acquire all the work you missed. The last step in surviving college is having a good relationship with your professors. For majority of college students several are extremely...
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