College Life on Students

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Running Head: Effects of College Life on Students 1

Effects of College Life on Students
Jeremy Hammock
English 102
Nevada State College-related

Running Head: Effects of College Life on Students 2 INTRODUCTION
The purpose of this paper is to give an explanatory synthesis to the 2007 article “ The Gradates by Louis Menand. “The Graduates” was about the hardships college students endure. According to Menand, attending colleges can place a tremendous amount of stress on a student. He claims students beginning college tend to over analyze, set unnecessary goals, have a fifty percent dropout rate, and have an abundance of college campuses to choose from, and why Americans have the highest expenses for higher education. In this explanatory synthesis, I will go into an extensive and thorough explanatory synthesis of Menand's viewpoints of the college dropout rate, an abundance of colleges for students to choose from, and the high cost of a college education. I willGo further into detail of the issues talked about by Louis Menand in “The Graduates” by using national statistics, as well as pros and cons related to Manand's argument. BODY1- COLLEGE DROPOUT RATE

In this section I will discuss why fifty percent of students drop out of college. According to Menand, many students have a habit of scrutinizing their study habits with over analyzation and setting unnecessary goals (Menand, 2007). For years now, getting more students into college has been the top priority for America's college institutions. The Department of Education estimated in a recent survey that forty percent of college students will drop out before obtaining their degree. Furthermore, seventy-five percent of that forty percent will drop out of college within the first two years. The Dropout rate for college is extremely high, and there are three major reasons behind it. Many college students run into financial problems. The estimated average cost at a 4-year university for tuition is $35,000, and this doesn’t take into account of books, school supplies and other fees. The typical American family doesn’t have $35,000 laying around to spend, so most students rely on student loans. The high interest rates on these loans are very high and may take years to pay back. While some students pay their own way, they run into the difficulties of juggling work and school in order afford it. Some students find Running Head: Effects of College Life on Students 3 that college is much different than they would have expected;work is much harder, more studying is required, more writing, and expectations are greater. The first thing new college students experience is how the workload is much more demanding than in high school. College students are expected to read the material and comprehend it on their own study time and take notes while in lectures. Students also find that their time isn’t structured by others, but they are left with the responsibility to manage their own time. Most of all teachers in college are much more different than in high school. Unlike high school teachers, college professors are helpful they expect you to come to them for questions and seek tutoring. Not to mention, some students have a hard time with the social aspect of college life. Some students fit in too much and get side tracked with parties and other social activities.

Unfortunately many students who enroll in a higher education program will most likely drop out. According to, three million students enroll in some form of higher education each year. In the year 2000 thirty-three percent of 2.75 million students dropped out of college. Forty percent of 4.5 million college students will...
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