Collabrative Working in Health and Social Care

Topics: Health care, Sociology, Health care provider Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Using a model of reflection, reflect how you may effectively contribute to working with others and why this is important in health and social care This essay will describe the key policy drivers for collaborative working in health and social care and the importance of effective collaborative working. It will also relate to and discuss my personal experience of collaborative working. Also, it will outline the roles of different members within health and social care teams. Finally, how my own reflection on personal ability in collaborative working identifies the need for development. According to (2007), collaboration implies working together for the greater good, but it actually encompasses far more. Community (2003) argues that, collaboration and multidisciplinary working are key drivers of the government’s health and social care policies. The department of Health (1992) has also highlighted the need for collaborative working to be incorporated into a National health strategy. This white paper places collaborative working in the centre reform. It defines collaborative working as a partnership of individuals and organisations formed to enable people to increase their influence over the factors that affect their health and wellbeing. The framework identified key areas for priorities targeted under the recognised health service. The collaborative ventures had to target certain high vulnerability groups in the community, such as women, certain socio- economic groups and ethnic minority groups, Targeting practice (Department of health 1993) identified aspects of good practice to be promoted within community health practice. This includes building health alliances within and beyond the health sector and providing quality service, good communication, good working relationships as well as shared aims and values, mutual respect between professional groups and shared learning. Policies such as the NHS PLAN (2000) have identified the need for...
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