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Topics: Airline, Flight attendant, Southwest Airlines Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: May 12, 2011
CNBC documentary: One Week Inside American Airlines

This very interesting documentary was filmed during one intense week. CNBC cameras appear to capture a side of the airline industry, primarily that of American Airlines, that everyday airline travelers probably never see, or even really think about: the minute-by-minute happenings inside the control tower; the many decisions made on the flight deck of any given flight; the corporate wheeling and dealing, behind the closed doors of the executive office of American Airlines. With “exclusive access,” TODAY show editor Peter Greenberg goes “behind the scenes” of American Airlines, and shows people things about the airline industry they never knew happened. One of the topics I found very interesting, was ticket pricing. Why do some people pay $150 for a seat, while others can pay as much as $900 for a seat on the same flight? How about frequent flier miles, it seems people have a hard time cashing in miles. I think it showed that the airlines “miles” are a fraud. People complained about the difficulty using these miles, which, as it turns out, only cost the airlines about $10 in actual costs. It showed how the cargo hold is gold to the airline, but a potential threat to its passengers. After 9/11, the airline industry had to rethink just about every aspect of how it does business, including what cargo it carries and how it carries it. Security has trumped just about everything for the airlines, in the wake of 9/11, pilots and flight attendants have evolved into something completely different from where they began. They must now train to defend the cockpit, because sometimes the security at the gate just is not good enough. I found the stormy night at DFW fascinating. Although I am quite aware of just how weather affects air travel, seeing workers struggle to cope with bad weather and in-flight mechanical problems in an effort to keep passengers safe and planes on schedule, was just very interesting to...
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