Close Call

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Dylan Spurlock
English 1101.22
14, September 2010
Close Call
My day began like any other day. I had a friend stay with me the night with me, so we woke up, walked outside and smoked a cig. We were just standing talking about how wild the night before got. I asked Slim, “You ready to do it again tonight?” He said, Hell yea! You already know!”(Laughing and smiling while saying it). After we got done smoking we walked inside and ate us some breakfast .For a while we just sat around the house, watched TV, and played the game.

A few hours later my boy Big Nate showed up at the house. We sat there and talked for a minute trying to figure out what we wanted to do that night. We decided to call our friend Roach up to see what he was doing. Roach said, “I’ll be over there about dark time. I have a half a gallon of CLC so; we are riding around and drinking!” The sun started going down we heard Roach pull up. Me, Slim, and Nate walked outside and talked to Roach. We decided to pile in Nate’s F350 and dipped out. We all walked in the store got us a mixer and a tall glass of ice. After we mixed our drinks my friend Trez called me and asked to come get him. For a little while we just road dirt roads and drank. Trez said, “Hey bruh lets go to the spot.” So we went to the spot, sat there, and rolled some smoke. About an hour went by and we were all about half lit.

We had to take Trez back home (he lives in town). I said, “Nate, let me drive.” He threw me the keys and we left. When we got to to his house something said’ “Dylan, You might need to get in the passengers seat.” I got out and let Nate drive. Not even a minute later a cop got behind us and pulled us over. Everybody started hiding there drinks except Slim. Slim said, “Hell boys!! It don’t make a damn anymore, we already caught.” So the officer walked up to the window and asked Nate to step out of the truck. He said the reason we were pulled over is cause no tag light. Luckily I knew the...
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