Clinical Log

Topics: Communication, Feeling, Paisley Park Records Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: January 27, 2013

Buffy Johnson12/13/2012

The following documentation accurately reflects my clinical hours and activities for the week indicated. DATE| TIME SPENT| ACTIVITY|
12/13/2012| 18:30-20:00 pm| Subjective- family time and the Adults need time to reconnect with each other. The family is to do activities together to promote the family having time to reconnect, bowling, movies, walk in the park. They begin to get louder with each other until they are yelling. One will get up and walk around yelling the other will sit or walk away. They blame each other for the fighting.Objective- The family consists of A Father, A Mother, One son, One Daughter. The children sit with either one or the other parent. The parents are usually in different areas of the house. Minimal amounts of interaction. Analysis- The Family is a traditional family. The Adults need to spend time together to reconnect with each other and be able to communicate effectively with understanding how the other feels Caregiver- trying to assist the adults learn how to communication with each other effectively. Researcher- have looked up a couple of marriage counselors and gave them the phone numbers.Education- educated the adults to try writing down how they feel about one problem they feel as a priority, give it to the other person and allow the other person to read it and think about what is the problem. I asked them to do give the other person a half hour to think and then begin to discuss what, how and what the resolution they want to see with each other’s problem. Advocate- trying to get the adults to communicate effectively to set an example for the children.Manager-As a clinical manager, teaching my patients to communicate effectively the help resolve the marital issues. Will continue to monitor the...
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