Climatic Changes and Preventive Measures

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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All over the world, people have continued to experience a number of problems associated with climatic change. People are not the only one being affected, plants and animals have also been victims. A hot debate ranges on the causes of climatic change with one side believing it to be the natural process whereas believe it to be out of human activities. My stand is that, climatic change to be greatly attributed by human activities. Looking on how human beings have been tried to live a comfortable life, this has in turn led to a lot of innovation and creativity in coming up with machines that can make humans life easier. Most of this machines use fuel which when it is used, releases a number of unfriendly gases to the atmosphere. These gases raise the temperatures which are associated with part of climatic change. As population increases, demand for land and food also rises. As a result, more land is cleared to provide land for cultivation. In the process, tree cover is drastically reduced. Trees and vegetation are useful in rain making and also in balancing the gases in the atmosphere. This will therefore translate to climatic change of such area which can also spread to other areas unless preventive measures are taken. As advances in technology are made throughout the world the emissions from the industries introduce hydrocarbons to the atmosphere which contribute to global warming this in effect has contributed a lot to the apparent recession of world glaciers and In a nutshell, climate change is more contributed by human activities. In order to...
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