Climate Change in New Zealand

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Climate change Pages: 7 (1688 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Natasha Lloyd
Auckland New Zealand.


New Zealand is known globally for its clean, green image, but climate change, the build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, through the burning of fossile fules has been predicted to negatively impact New Zealand in many ways. Environmentally, temperatures and sea levels will rise, along with the frequency of extreme weather conditions such as droughts. The increased frequency of droughts will have a significant impact on the New Zealand economy due to the agricultural industry being unable to cope with the conditions. Citizen health will decline in the next hundred years with warmer summers bringing an increased risk of air-borne and water-borne diseases.


Table of Contents



Main Research Question: How might climate change affect New Zealand?
2.1 What are the predicted environmental impacts of climate change within New Zealand?
2.2 How might droughts caused by climate change affect New Zealand's economy 2.3 What social impact might Climate change have for New Zealand?
2.4 How might Climate change impact Health?

3. Conclusion.7

4. Appendix 1: Projected temperatures chart.8
Appendix 2: Ecosystem impairment and health impacts chart.9


1. Introduction

This report will look at climate change within New Zealand, it will focus on the predicted impacts of climate change in four specific areas: Environmentally, economically, socially and the health effects. This report will not focus how to reduce the effects of global warming, but a course of action will be mentioned in the conclusion.

Human activities are changing the natural levels of greenhouse gases, over the last hundred years the burning process of fossil fuels such as coal and oil has increased the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The atmospheric CO2 concentration has been increased by a third since the Industrial Revolution began (Nasa, 2009). The increase of these carbon dioxide levels has started to warm the planet up. The projected outcomes for climate change mentioned in this report will be expected to impact New Zealand over the next 50 to 100 years.

Research for this report was carried out on multiple mediums. Unitec's Library and online data base was used, with additional information being sourced from government websites, and reports.

The limitations of this report is the resources that had prediction figures were a little outdated, so this report might not give an accurate projection of the future as stats may have been updated. It was very difficult to find modern predictions.


2. Findings – Main Research Question: How might climate change affect New Zealand?

2.1 What are the predicted environmental impacts of climate change within New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the environmental areas that are expected to be impacted in the next century are: Temperatures, sea-levels, drought, and fire risk. Climate change is expected to bring about higher temperature changes for New Zealand, although temperature change is predicted to be only two thirds of what the global temperature change will be, due to the climate being controlled by the South Pacific and Southern oceans. Over the last century New Zealand has seen increased temperatures of 0.9 Degrees. (MFE, 2009) This is expected to continue increasing, New Zealand is expected to have a likely increase in temperature of 1ºC by 2050 and over 2ºC by 2100. This increase will result in more days that average at 25 ºC during summer. (Salinger, 1995)

Due to temperature changes, the global sea-levels are expected to rise between 9 and 88cm by 2100.(Healy 1996). The long term Impacts from rising sea-levels is the Erosion of shorelines. Other climatic factors contribute to erosion such as local climate patterns...
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