Climate Change

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Do you believe climate change is a myth? Discuss.

Climate is the average weather for an area over a very long period of time. So this would include the regular weather seasons, for example winter, spring, summer and fall. In Trinidad and Tobago we have the dry and rainy season. I don’t believe that climate change is a myth because there is evidence of climate change worldwide and Trinidad and Tobago is no exception. Climate change is occurring, humans have a part to play in it and this change will affect every living thing. The evidence that climate change is happening have been made through scientific observation. Scientist have stated there is a rise in sea levels, melting glaciers and warming of the sea. This change will affect where people live and how animals find their food. In Trinidad there is a noticeable change in weather patterns, for example the amount of rainfall that occurred during the months of August to November seem to have decreased. There was a consistent pattern where during that period we would experience rainy days, but of recent times that pattern has changed as it is not predictable as before. A study of the last forty years of daily rainfall data in Trinidad to examine any indication of climate change and its repercussions for the farming population in Trinidad and Tobago by Vanessa Hyacinth Ash, have stated that there is to a small degree evidence of climatic change over the 40 year period. I believe that this study helps to show that climate change is not a myth. Humans have a part to play in the changing climate because of the amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases do have an effect on the climate which will negatively impact on our lives. Global warming is causing our climate to change. Many countries are seeing changes in rainfall, which results in more floods, there are droughts or intense rain, including severe heat waves. As these changes continue to increase they will...
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