Clear and Concise Prose

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Why is it important to Write Clear and Concise Prose?
The purpose of writing is to inform and entertain. To do this, clear and concise prose is needed to deliver essential points with impact and meaning, whilst still sustaining the reader’s attention. To get the point across, the text needs to keep to the topic and remain relevant, avoiding anything that is unnecessary. An incorrect use of technique such as rambling or jargon can obscure the purpose of the text. A concise style of writing uses a direct, simple manner without embellishments, to keep the reader involved and motivated. A reader seeking information will become bored and confused if sentences become to long and wordy. If the writing becomes vague and repetitive, then it becomes ineffective as the meaning gets lost. The diction of grammar and punctuation is also vital to communicate the right meaning. Clear and concise prose means using as few words as possible in order to deliver the essential information or compressing the facts in order to be brief. Words should be chosen with care to fit the context, therefore avoiding doubt and maintaining clarity. The meaning should be clear enough that the reader does not need to decipher the text to understand it. The main points should be particularly prominent so they can be picked up when the text is skim read. The concision in the text is achieved by carefully controlling the ambiguity. The architecture of the prose should flow with ease, from one point to another leading to an eventual conclusion.
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