Cleaning a Pump Action Shotgun: Instructions

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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General Purpose: To demonstrate
Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my audience how to clean a pump action shotgun. Central Idea: It is important to preserve the shotgun’s integrity by cleaning the weapon after every use and to ensure the safety of the person using the weapon. INTRODUCTION:

I. Who has a shotgun in this class? Do you know how to do a basic cleaning for that weapon. Well, Today I will show you the steps in cleaning your own personal pump action shotgun. Transition: Like many projects let’s start by gathering materials. BODY:

I. The first step is to gather the materials.
A. There are a few things you will need for cleaning your pump action shotgun. 1. The first item is a cleaning rod.
2. The second item is an old t-shirt.
3. The third item is gun oil/lubricant oil.
4. The fourth item is cleaning solvent/ Hoppe’s elite cleaning solvent

5. The fifth item is a brass brush.
Transition: Now that we’ve collected all the materials we can breakdown the weapon. II. The second step is to disassemble the shotgun.
1.For the pump action gun, slide the pump action all the way back, then unscrew the top of the tubular chamber so you can twist off the barrel from the gun.

Transition: know we have the gun disassembled, we can begin the cleaning process. III. The third step is to start cleaning the weapon.
1. Frist thing is to attach the accessory tip to the cleaning rod and the old t-shirt. Wet the t-shirt with cleaning solvent so that it's wet, but not soaked through. Run the rod down through the barrel with the wet t-shirt. This will break up any powder and lead residue in the barrel. Push rod clear through the barrel. 2.Second, Run the brush through the barrel to break free any residue. Run the brush clear through the barrel as needed. 3Wet another patch of t-shirt with solvent and run through the barrel to clear and clean the barrel. Then run a dry patch of the t-shirt through the barrel to remove any excess solvent and leftover dirt from the...
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