Cleaning House

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Cleaning house is often looked upon as a boring chore. One that is usually pushed upon the women of the house. Most people hate cleaning, and will do anything to get out of it. My brother, for example, will waste more time and energy trying to avoid a chore than it takes to do the chore its self. Many people dislike cleaning house because its time consuming, the chemicals give off strong odder, and they often feel overwhelmed by the clutter.

The best way to cut back on time consuming chores is to not let them build up in the first place. Hours a day can be saved just by returning an item to its place once you are finished with it. If you just leave everything lying around, then eventually it builds up and you spend hours putting it all away when you finally get around to cleaning.

A lot of people hate the smell of most popular cleaning products. Sometimes the smell can be so strong that they can give you a headache or make you queasy. This can be avoided by using natural cleaners. A lot of companies are going green and making products that are safe for the environment and people. These products have a less harsh sent and sometime do a better job. Of course there’s always the old fashion alternative, good old soap and water.

The best way to reduce clutter is to get rid of what you don’t need. Storage bins are not helpful and just wind up taking up more space. Many people make the mistake of keeping what they don’t need. If it has been sitting in a box in the closet for ten years and has never been opened, it’s safe to say you could live without it.

Most people loath doing housework because it eats up their time, the chemicals bother them, and they have too much stuff. Many of these people will do anything in their power to get out of doing it; often spending more energy wasting time than getting it done
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