Clean Water Precious Resource

Topics: Sewage treatment, Wastewater, Septic tank Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Clean Water: A Precious Resource 

Activity Description:  An overnight assignment to record the amount of water you use. Objectives:
To learn why water conservation is important.
Age Group:  Grades 6 - 8
• Two clean gallon jugs (i.e., milk jugs) per student (available at home). [pic]
TDo you ever think about how much water you use? 183 gallons are treated every day for each person in the United States. There are an estimated 2.0 million people living in the Albemarle-Pamlico watershed. We all need water to carry on our daily functions. We must remember that the water we use every day is the same water that many people reuse to drink, cook with, and bathe. It is also the same water in which we fish and swim as it reaches the Sounds. [pic]

People and Water - It Adds Up
•   A toilet flushes 5 gallons
•   A dishwasher uses 16.5 gallons
•   A bath uses 30-50 gallons
•   A shower uses 5-10 gallons/ minute
•   Washing clothes uses 40-60 gallons (permanent press uses 12-18 more gallons) Water, Water Everywhere? 
People today use much more water than they did in times past. Did you know the amount of water in the world today is the same as it was billions of years ago? While from a spaceship, our Earth looks like it is mostly water, only one percent of all water is freshwater we can use. Cities, industry, and agriculture have huge water demands. Our streams and rivers have limited amounts of water during dry weather. Some of our streams contain mostly treated sewage. Since these streams are home for wildlife and we use them to fish and swim, cleaning wastewater before it reenters our streams and rivers is of vital importance. Wastewater Treatment 

For those of us living in a town, whenever we turn on a faucet or flush a toilet, we send water to a sewage (wastewater) treatment plant. A well-engineered wastewater treatment plant that is not overloaded does an excellent job of cleaning...
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