Clean Desk Policy

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Research has clearly shown that a messy desktop reduces efficiency and impairs performance in three key ways. First, it leads to wasted time searching for an essential item; when this [item] is needed urgently, the anxiety aroused by its temporary misplacement further undermines concentration and confidence. “Second, being confronted with piles of work to complete not only makes it far harder to stay focused, but it causes a loss of motivation. Finally, a cluttered desk acts as a significant barrier to the important psychological process of closure. That is, finishing off one job before embarking on another. A failure of closure, no matter what the cause, can prove a serious cause of stress.” Frankly, a Clean Desk Policy makes practical sense for almost any business. Yet, few companies follow this approach. To help you get started, here’s a sample to serve as the framework behind your project: Clean Desk Policy

We at [Company Name] operate a Clean Desk Policy.
It is generally accepted that a tidy desk is a sign of efficiency and effectiveness. The main reasons we have introduced the policy are: 1. It shows the right image when our customers visit the company; 2. It reduces the threat of security, as passwords and confidential information get locked away; 3. Scientific studies have shown there is a reduction in stress when employees have tidy desks; 4. Studies have also shown a reduction in workplace accidents and spills. The Policy In Operation

The implementation of the policy is fairly straightforward. At the end of the working day, employees are expected to tidy their desks and put away all office papers. We provide under desk lockers and filing cabinets for this purpose. We do not expect the policy to be implemented in a heavy handed way, but we expect that most employees will live with the spirit of the policy. We expect line managers to deal in a sympathetic way with employees. Reduction In The Use Of Paper

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