Classroom Observation

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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Classroom Observation Paper
Keri D Marceaux
February 13, 2012
Julie Smith

Classroom Observation Paper
I had the privilege of interviewing and observing the third grade teacher and Forked Island E. Broussard in Vermillion parish. Mrs. Helen Conner is a reading and language arts teacher and has been for the last 20 years. Before this, she was a registered nurse for the Vermilion Parish School Board. She is an exceptional teacher and I have had the privilege of her having taught two of my four children. She starts her day with organizing her lessons that she will be using for the day, she incorporated reading spelling and language arts in to one continues lesson that flows smoothly with each other. The entire lesson revolves around a theme of a story. She uses the same story along with decoder books and library books the whole week that is put into a unit with individual lesson each day. I observed Mrs. Connor using to different method theories in her classroom. She used behaviorism and Constructivism theories. When she taught a reading are spelling lesson the children were very active learners and participated in the interactive lesson for example spelling bees for spelling, partner reading, and read aloud. The Mrs. Connor and her students discuss how the stories relate the real life experiences and discussion on what it would be like to be part of the story. This is what Jean Piaget’s constructivism student centered theory is all about in the students respond to this style of teaching. However, in Language Arts she goes to a more teacher centered learning style. She teaches a lesson on say exclamation points she teaches from a chalkboard and then the students work individually in the language Arts workbook. Mrs. Conner believes Behaviorism teacher centered learning works best for language Arts. The reason she states is Louisiana is a High testing state and the children need to meet the stringent benchmarks in order to pass...
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