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English 2
Explaining by analyzing:
Classification and division

Analyzing means looking closely at the parts of an object or group. To analyze a single object, such as the human body, you divide it into its parts, such as the heart, the brain, the stomach, and the liver. To analyze a group of objects or persons, you divide and classify them, cutting one group into two or more smaller groups. To analyze the American people, for instance, you could divide and classify them in political categories such as voters and nonvoters, in ethnic groups (such as Italian, Hispanic, and African American), or in regional groups (such as Northerners and southerners). In so doing, you would be using classification and division

Classification is a way of ordering the world around us. It’s the arrangement of objects, people or ideas into classes or groups. Whenever you speak of professors, sophomores, women, men, jocks, or nerds, you are grouping individuals together as a class because of one or more things they have in common. You ca do the same with individual objects or ideas. Classification usually goes hand in hand with division. If for instance, you divide, “fruit juices” into fresh, frozen, canned, and powdered, you have identified four different forms of juice. But instead of dividing the juices according to their forms, you could divide them according to their flavors: apple, orange, grapefruit, lemon, and so on. How you divide and classify depends on your purpose.

Classification is writing that organizes, or sorts, people or items into categories.

1. It makes sense of a group of people or items by organizing them into categories. 2. It uses a single organizing principle.
3. It applies useful categories.
4. It gives examples of what fits into each category.

1 Since I’ve been working as a cashier at Wal-Mart, I’ve discovered there are several kinds of 2 customers who drive me crazy. 3 First are the openly rude ones. 4...
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