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  • Published : July 21, 2008
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Laundry Chaos

I usually do most of my laundry on Saturday and when I do I have to be very particular in how I put away my clothes in order to have enough space. I organize my clothing into three categories: closet clothes, dresser clothes, and miscellaneous apparel. I have to be careful that I do not put to many clothes in any category so that I utilize my space effectively.

When I fold pull my clothes out of the dryer I first look for the closet clothes. This includes jeans, slacks, dress shirts, polos, long sleeve shirts, and sweaters. I separate the clothes from the pile and lay them out on my bed and put them on hangers. I then put these clothes in my closet according to type. Roughly one two-thirds of my clothes end up in my closet.

After removing the closet clothes from the group I begin to fold the dresser clothes. These include socks, boxers, t-shirts, shorts, and swimwear. I have eight drawers in my dresser and each one is full of clothing. The top two drawers are for my boxers and socks. The next two are reserved for my t-shirts. The two below that contain shorts and swimwear and the two following have random parcels of clothing that did not fit in the drawers above. After folding and putting away the dresser clothing, about 90 percent of my laundry is put away.

When both the closet and dresser clothes are neatly arranged and stored away I face the challenge of finding places for the miscellaneous apparel such as ties, belts, jackets, hats, and shoes. I try to find places for these items the do not stick out too much. I usually hang my ties over my closet door along with my belts. My shoes are either on the floor of my closet or along the east wall of my bedroom. Hats almost always end up on top of my dresser next to my sunglasses and watches. My jackets and coats are tough to store because I have so many. I often keep them slung over the back of a chair in my room. Clothing takes up a lot of area in my room and I struggle to keep it...
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