Classification Essay About Movies

Topics: Film, Surfing, Horror film Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: May 26, 2013
People these days have been looking for entertaining methods to waste their time. not like the old days where there was no computer games or numerous malls and amusement parks. but, there's one common thing that people years ago and people nowadays do. which is watching movies.

And don't tell me, what if someone doesn't watch movies, because it's for everyone! If one likes to laugh they would choose to watch comedy, which is the first category i'll be talking about. big mama for example, is a hilarious movie, where a secret agent from the FBI plays a role of a grandmother and spies on other people. just watching a man trying to act like a grandma is very funny, then how if the action starts and the "grandma" kicks the bad guys asses! i was cracking up the entire movie!

On the other hand, there's drama movies where sad stories are told and tears are shed. one of the saddest movies i've ever watched was, soul surfer. it's based on real life story, about a girl who surf all day and night, and it's her dream to become a professional surfer and win the surfers' yearly championship, but unfortunately, one day when she was surfing with her friend a shark ate her entire arm! she was left with only one arm. at first, i was thinking, there's no way she'll be surfing with one arm, but she made possible! she surfed and won the fifth place, but the next year she won the first place. well, i'd be lying if i said that i didn't tear up. i actually cried buckets!

There are lots of movie categories other than horror, but among all the other genres, horror is the most lovable. because it brings excitement and anticipation. saw's seven movies series are the best in that path! a psycho man takes bad people and keep them at a place where they'll be tortured. the story doesn't really change with each movie of the series, but you can say that it gets a little more exciting with each one. these kind of movies sometimes required some imagination, that's why some people don't like...
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