Classical Music

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Classical Music to Your Ears
People listen to the melody and the rhythms follow by music notes, music instrument, and voices following along making the influences as a part of an essential need to almost everyone especially in the entertainment world of consumption. Although, where did all of this occur and what made this major event to become an unforgettable event? Music! Music recreate the benefit of appreciation, an event, a gathering, emotions, and anything that follows an individual needs. It creates sensations and to many others it became a relevant message to provide the listeners the perception they are trying to conclude in each song. It is known for many things. It can be a stress reliever, a gathering, a festival performance, consuming, globally, it’s a massive and successful creation. Genre were then created to suit individual interest whether they like to listen to a certain type of beat or certain type of instruments. Each genre created and influenced with some type of history. Collectively, the most intriguing genre is classical music for the fact that it was created centuries ago before most genres became a part of today music. The calm and collective sound of classical music brought audience to their standing ovation within their performance; not to mention people still recreate classical music as their influence and appreciation of an authentic sound, but how did this trend start is the question. What impact that it have given to the economy is also another wonder.

Music exist within every culture, past and events, various between time and places. With this, comes the impact of the economy. In many state of mine, one can not believe the tremendous changes in music and how it become a major part of the media. Until today, major events like opera or musical performance still utilize classical music to their performance. In Seattle, Johnson who is a director and office of economic development stated “The Seattle Symphony...
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