Classical Conditioning Process

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Classical Conditioning Process

For most of the world the words “classical conditioning” produce one common name, Ivan Pavlov. According to Harris (2006), “Pavlovian conditioning has come to be viewed as the cardinal example of associative learning—the process by which an organ- ism represents the correlations between the events it experience” (p. 584). Associative learning is a simple name of classical learning, which further implies the association of stimuli to engage in learning or conditioning environments. The individual performing the conditioning, takes an unrelated activity or event names that as a neutral stimuli and trains or conditions the subject to react to the neutral stimuli as if it were an unconditioned or natural response. This is done so by the continued association of the neutral stimuli with the unconditioned stimuli. The individual reacts to the unconditioned stimuli but over time when both are present begins to link the two until finally the response can be triggered by only the presence of the neutral stimuli making it the conditioned stimuli. Applied Classical Conditioning

Classical conditioning is present everywhere but in the following scenario the depiction is that of a mother and her children and a constant struggle with proper education conditioning. After a long summer vacation, every parent’s nightmare occurs, conditioning process of the child to proceed with homework after such a long absence of the event. This is such the scenario: Nicole has three children all of who attend school and report home daily with assignments to be completed before the next day of class. Though the children are young and all require her help and attentiveness she needs to establish a process in which she can gather the children to his or her desks to understand when it is time to begin working and playtime is over. She determines the best way to gain her desirable outcome is that of methods involving classical conditioning. Her...
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