Classical and Contemporary Theories

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Classical and Contemporary Adult Development Theories
Caitlin Lewis
PSY 202
Joan Chambers
25 March 2013

1. Where are you from?
a. Born on Langley AFB
b. Raised in Newport News, VA
c. In 1996 moved to Colorado Springs, CO
d. Moved in 2004 to Yorktown, VA
e. Stationed at Ft. Leavenworth, KS
f. Currently living in Camp Humphreys, South Korea
2. What was your family like?
g. Military Family
h. Middle child
i. Two brothers
i. Parents divorced after freshman year of high school j. Lived with mother during high school years in Yorktown, VA 3. What do you remember from your childhood?
k. Learning to ride my bike
l. Going camping in the mountains of Colorado
m. Girl Scouts
n. Moving school a lot during 3rd grade
o. Fracturing my pelvis
4. What are some of your favorite memories?
p. Marching band
q. Band trips to Disney, Canada, and New York City
r. Going to the beach
s. Putt-putt golf, ice cream and movies with Grandpa
5. What were your educational experiences?
t. Hampton Christian School
ii. Learned to read by the age of four
iii. Eula said I could say cinnamon
u. Bates Elementary School
iv. Attended for a very short period
v. Keller Elementary School
v. Attended for about one year
w. Stetson Elementary School
vi. 4th and 5th grade
x. Skyview Middle School
vii. Band
viii. Cross country
ix. Track
x. Tried out for volleyball
y. Sand Creek High School
xi. Tried out for cheerleading
xii. Band
z. Grafton High School
xiii. Had to make up classes because academic curriculum in Colorado and Virginia are different xiv. Failed Spanish 3 and had to retake it
xv. Band
1. Made districts
6. Who were the important people in your life?
{. Dad
|. Mom
}. Grandpa
7. What were you like as a teenager?
~. Worked
. Marching Band
. Venture scout
8. What were your hobbies?
. Music
. Running
. Beach
9. What did you do with friends?
. Neighborhood pool
. Yorktown beach
. Mall
10. What did you do when you left school?
. Attended community college
. Army
. Continued college in the Army
11. What jobs have you had?
. Hardees
. Subway
. Cutco
. Army
12. Do you have your own family?
. Married 30 April 2009
. Divorced 23 July 2010
. Owen born 7 April 2011
. Engaged to Eric
xvi. Broke off engagement September 2012
13. What are your greatest achievements so far?
. Girl Scout Silver Award
. Districts for band
. Associate’s Degree
. Reenlisted in the Army
. Made promotable status
14. What are your personal, professional and academic goals? . To be the best mother I possibly can be for Owen
. Become a First Sergeant in the Army and retire
. Finish my bachelor’s and get a master’s degree
15. What would make you happy in the future?
. Find a man who love me and my son
. Settle down and have more kids
16. How can you contribute to the community or the world in the future? . Volunteer my time
. Provide to those in need

I was born 16 June 1989, in Hampton, Virginia, into a military family. Growing up in a military family has shaped me into the women that I am today.
As a child of a military family, I had to learn how to cope with the constant changes. I lived in Newport News, Virginia from 1989 to 1996, while my father was serving in the Navy. He was stationed in Washington D.C., so he would come home on the weekends to see us. Rather than constantly moving the whole family around, it was easier for him...
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