Class X Board Exams Preparation Tips

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As you prepare for the Class 10 board exams -- the exam that will determine which college you attend and the career path you choose -- you must focus on ways to ease the stress and attempt to formulate a strategy to crack the exams.

By now you should be done with the syllabus, and have had revised each chapter -- however, it is understandable if you still do not feel confident enough. This is a typical situation that most of tenth graders face during the last months of their academic year. At this point, it is very important to analyze the real cause of this ill feeling and root it out before you sit for your board examinations.

Let us analyse the situation and see how you can overcome it. The three possible reasons are:

~ When your peers discuss a question with you and their answer is not quite convincing to you. ~ When you try to solve some problem and suddenly realize that you are not able to do it. ~ When your teacher initiates a discussion on a topic which you know very well and you suddenly discover that there is much more to it than what you know.

So what's the REAL problem?

In all these situations, the real problem is that although you have assimilated the knowledge, you don't know how to use that knowledge to your advantage. This could, most probably, be due to lack of in-depth understanding of the concept.

The problem arises when you read through the concepts to gain maximum knowledge about the concept and the knowledge you could actually gain is just superficial. To reinforce knowledge and to understand it correctly and completely, you need to practice by solving the right kind of questions.

The Solution: Choosing the RIGHT Questions

Now that we know the underlying problem and its solution, the next job is to ensure that the questions identified by you are the right ones. In fact, there are three sources from where you can get the 'right kind of questions'.

(a) The NCERT textbook
The NCERT textbook contains certain...
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