Class 8th Mcq's Unit 5 Computer

Topics: Computer program, Programming language, Computer programming Pages: 3 (477 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Chapter: 5 Computer Programming
Ques: Tick the correct choice for the following questions.
1. A sequence of instructions given to the computer to perform a specific task is called _____________. a. Data b. Program c. Programming d. Information

2. What is a named space in the computer’s memory whose value can be changed during the execution of a program? a. Variable b. Constant c. Program d. Data

3. In BASIC programming language which character is used as a last character with string variable? a. ? b. & c. % d. $

4. Which shortcut key is used to apply RUN command in GWBASIC? a. F1 b. F2 c. F3 d. F4

5. Which of the following error cannot be detected by a computer? a. Syntax error b. Run time error c. Logical error d. Execution error

6. Which of the following is a logical operator?
a. + b. – c. > d. /

7. Which of the following operator has the highest priority? a. + b. ^ c. – d. *
8. If A=5, B=3 and C=2, what will be the answer of the following expression? Exp=A+B*C a. 10 b. 11 c. 13 d. 16

9. Which of the following statements is used to accept data from the user during program execution? a. PRINT b. LOAD c. READ-DATA d. INPUT

10. The set of rules that define the combination of symbols used by programming languages is called _____________. a. Syntax b. Data c. Program d. Logic

11. ____________ languages are the means of communication between users and the computer. a. Operating b. Programming c. Printing d.Writing 12. __________ are the quantities whose values...
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