Cj 266 Kaplan University Unit 8 Paper

Topics: Police, Criminal law, Law Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Unit 8: Wrongful Convictions and the Utilization Eyewitness Accounts Kaplan University
Professor Janice Walton
CJ266-03: Deviance and Violence

In our society today many innocent people have been sent to jail on false identification by victims or witnesses. We will be identifying the ethical issues within the field of criminal investigation as applied to wrongful conviction based upon tainted or faulty line-ups. Addressing the ethical responsibilities of law enforcement in their requirements for fairness and responsibility to ensure there are no wrongful convictions based upon false identification. Identifying the processes utilized by law enforcement in the identification of suspects. Also to consider individuals making identifications, do so in error at times, others intentionally, or are led by law enforcement through improper actions, such as prejudicial line-ups or photo arrays.

There are many honest and ethical law enforcement officers in the United States justice system, there are also some law enforcement individuals who unfortunately commit misconduct with regard to the crimes that they are investigating. A majority of cases in the United States have been known as wrongly identified. In some rare cases law enforcement officers have persuaded the victim or witnesses with ideas and hints towards what they want them to choice in a line up or photo identification. There have been many instances where police misconduct has resulted in wrongful convictions. Law enforcement officers have the task of interrogating witnesses, eliciting confessions, and interviewing witnesses to crimes. During the process, police officers may or may not indirectly or on purpose influence the statements of both witnesses and suspects. For instance, a police officer who believes a suspect to be guilty of a crime might place a lot inappropriate pressure on the suspect for a confession for a crime that he or she did not commit. Improper police tactics such as...
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