Civilisation Britannique (Thatcher)

Topics: United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: December 19, 2012

Britain and her relations with Europe and the US :


When did Britain join the EEC: it came into force in 1973
→ Conservative PM: Edward Heath (the conservative were pro-European) 1974: general elections: the Labour Party won the elections
→ 1975: referendum out come a majority of british people wanted to remain in EEC, a setback (= revers) for the labour
In the 70's the Labour was anti-European
The Bruges speech was a watershed because Thatcher reversed the trend In the 80's Conservative was eurosceptical and Labour was pro-European

M.T believes in free market ideas, don't believe in the intervention of the government in the economy (invisible hand), was in favor of low taxations. Became PM: may 1979 (only female PM)

Thatcher and Europe :

Thatcher's relation with Europe was tense/fraught. She was righting. (France: Mitterrand: left, Germany: left) Britain “awkward customers”, “non-communautaire”
Evans “she was her own foreign secretary” (= ministre des affaires étrangères) Objectives (threefold):
she wanted increase respect of Britain as a leading power in position in both nuclear power & a permanent sit in the secretary consul ans the UN (United Nation = ONU) she wanted a closed relationship with the US

she wanted to resist further poli-integration and she agreed with economic cooperation

MT: Iron lady, Tina (There Is No Alternative), deep-seated convictions

It emerged at the and of the WWII (Churchill PM, his aim was to convince the US to take part in the war) “Special relationship”, the phrase appeared between Churchill and Roosevelt (played with sentiments) Same language, culture (some parts of the US use to be colonies), history, values (democracy, individuals liberties) They had a pragmatic approach, Britain had to support US in wars, but Britain benefits of economic advantages. Personal relationship Brit PM & US president.

Ex: Churchill/ Roosevelt
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