Civil War

Topics: African American, American Civil War, United States Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Brothers fighting brothers, a country imploding in itself, the world is an antithesis of what auspicious t it is today. A country separated by gender, race, religion, and class is that really a Union? The Civil War has begun, a fight not yet for the freedom of slaves but a fight to mold two sides of a coin into one. The oppressed brethren are reluctant to fight and why shouldn’t they be through all the injustices the Union has placed upon them? Regardless, Alfred M. Green delivers a speech in an effort to persuade his brethren into fighting for the right to join the army that empathizes with his fellow brethren’s inundation, that promises commemoration and recognition for his fellow African Americans, and that promotes the Union’s battle as a righteous one. Green starts his speech down on the mat with a crowd that holds the candid opinion of not wanting to join a fight for a country that oppresses its people, enslaves its people, and imprisons its people. Nevertheless Green acknowledges his brethren’s suffering and injustice caused by the “fugitive slave-laws” and the “Dred Scott decisions” and states that ‘[their] duty is not to cavil over past grievances” but to aid the country with “burning zeal and enthusiasm”. By empathizing with the injustices the Union has committed towards the black community, Green preemptively dismisses the crowd’s probable argument and establishes a common ground to build upon later in his speech. Likewise, Green mention’s that “the brave deeds of our fathers… have failed to bring us recognition” which quickly refutes the future argument that the Brethren have already sacrificed their share and establishes the point that it’s up to the blacks of that era to bring “honor” and “glory” to the African American race. After acknowledging the mistreatment the Union has committed to the free and enslaved blacks, Green emphasizes that joining the war against the South will “improve the present auspicious moment creating anew [the brethren’s]...
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