Civil Servants Shouldn't Be Considered as Heroes

Topics: Police brutality, Police, Police corruption Pages: 4 (1527 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Being admired and respected by people, we considered typical hero as a man with great courage, strength and noble qualities. However, perhaps every culture or civilization has their own criterion to define hero. Spartan hero embodied its remarkable strength and powerful physique, and Chinese hero must fulfill five virtues which are sense of loyalty, filial piety, wisdom, etiquette, and justice. We actually don’t have an exact and general meaning of hero which can be subjective and various. Furthermore, as time goes on and the meaning of hero gradually modifies. From my point of view, we need hero because oftentimes our aspirations and ambitious are unattainable, therefore we need a righteous model to emulate in order to motivate and comfort ourselves. After 9-11 attacks, approximately 3000 civilians died including certain number of civil servants. Obtaining the title of hero after their death, those people were awarded with gold medals for their sacrifice. American labeled those civil servants who died in the attack with pure heroism because they were killed by the terrorists; however, thousands of innocent citizens were involved and unacknowledged at the same time. From my prospective, American was confused with the meaning of victim and hero, and I don’t agree that civil servants should be considered as heroes. The occupation and duty of civil servants are serving the country and civilians naturally, and police corruption, sexism, racial discrimination are the main issues opposing them. First of all, being Hired form the U.S government for protecting the civilians and maintaining the orders, civil servants unexpectedly have high level of corruptions. According to the San Francisco Police Department’s homepage, a clean police officer’s annual entry-level salary is about 88,842 to 112,164 dollars. Although the salary from the police department seems enormous, a certain amount of police officers are accepting bribes and abusing authority. According to...
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