Civil Rights Essay

Topics: African American, Black people, Racial segregation Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Civil rights essay
During the late 1800’s America was filled with racism in every state.the African American population tried to get their justice but things never worked out on their side. They were the ones who always had to make the sacrifice. In 1896, plessy vs.ferguson lea to legal acts of segregation, the government that was apparently trying to give blacks their freedom made it harder for them to become equal. Their saying was “separate but equal” which was a joke to the officials. The blacks didn’t have a good standard of education. Even though they were allowed to learn they had one room schools, unlike the white kids’ schools who had buildings and new technologies but only for black kids. The court case brown vs. board of education wasn’t actually against one person it was many states coming together and speaking up against segregation. The people asked for equality in schools and public areas. Black kids had to walk and get to schools that were miles away because the whites didn’t want to mingle with them. The black parents didn’t want their kids to be near black kids. One of the expert witnesses, Dr. Hugh W. Speer, testified that:"...if the colored children are denied the experience in school of associating with white children, who represent 90 percent of our national society in which these colored children must live, then the colored child's curriculum is being greatly curtailed. The Topeka curriculum or any school curriculum cannot be equal under segregation." When the reaction and equality was delayed the African American communities started to think of more ideas that would help them achieve their goal. Their freedom was to come but after their sacrifices and their voice was heard all over United States. Many of the young college students gathered and started the student non-violent coordinating committee. These kids used to protest by having sit-ins when they would go sit in white restaurants and have food and hot liquids thrown on them. Their...
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