Civil Rights

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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The Core of Equality

The United States was fundamentally established upon equally, a system that gives every human being equivalent rights no matter their gender, race, or religion. Still, individuals who didn’t fit a certain image that was determined for a proposed group while others was being signal out as different labeled in a specific category as a minority. These intolerances can become combustible which leads to confrontation, outrage and chaos when you are subjugated to conform to what had become America’s idealistic structure for this unique group who dominated the power structure. At some point in history indifference must be retaliated and to fight for one’s civil rights. This was the case for Women civil rights, same sex orientation, and racial minorities of America, not only for African American but also other minorities such as Latino Americans and Native Americans.

The Civil Rights Movement exploded in the early 1950’s with the intent to liberate those who were being denied their equal right according to the Constitution of the United States of America. A particular group of citizens initiated this rebellion to demand their basic rights that had been kept from them by means of racial discrimination along with the tainted Jim Crow bigoted laws. These racist laws that were sociality acceptable such as the “black codes” enacted by former slave states which lasted for decades, and the Supreme Court gave way to the constitutional law “Separate but Equal”. (Kenneth, Berry, & Goldman) Theses laws were created to keep American people of Color confined to permanent servitude where as according to the laws of this land they were viewed as inferior persons, 3/5 of a man. Campaigns were developed by conscientious men and women of Color to peacefully rebel the status quo that was unjustly being applied to “Negros”. As they strove for equality they insisted on obtaining a balance for all American Citizens who was due their inalienable right to receive such...