City of God Analysis

Topics: Gang, Crime, Gangster Pages: 5 (1886 words) Published: February 5, 2011
* Cidade De Deus, more commonly known as the City of God, was directed by Fernando Meirelles. This is a Brazilian film that represents and portrays the violence and horrors of living within the Brazilian Slums, known as favelas.

* With over 500 slums, the favelas existed within the regions of Rio de Janeiro, containing more than a third of the city’s population. The word favela refers to a community of people who neither own nor have formal permission to occupy land. Rio De Janerio’s favelas were constructed in a period of rapid industrialization, and these favelas were entirely created to keep the poor isolated from the city’s center where the more upper class people were based. * Based in Rio De Janerio, this film is casted is Portuguese, which shows a different culture to the ones we are familiar with. * The extract I will be analysing in this film is the unfortunate disaster of Knockout Ned, which is approximately 1 hour and 22 minutes into the film.

* City of God’s genre initially is crime, however it is fused together with the gangster, and incorporates some features of action and the thriller genre, as well as bringing a documentary feel with a narrator talking throughout the film. Subtitles are also in the film giving narrative details to audiences. * Mark Caro, from the Chicago Tribune states: “A visual and aural feast that combines elements of classic gangster melodramas, crime epics such as "The Godfather" and playful non-linear narratives such as "Amores Perros," City of God explores a deadly culture while feeling more alive than anything that's hit the big screen in years.”

* The generic expectations for this film, with the genre being a mixture of gangster, crime, action and thriller, audiences would except to see numerous guns and criminals within City of God, as well as fast cuts between action and chase scenes. Some of the conventions within the gangster genre include the hero disliking his current status in life and wants to pursue more and the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’. This is illustrated with the gangs taking over other businesses by force. Conventions of the Action genre consist of Love, blood, close-ups, fast pace editing, and numerous chase sequences. This can all be seen throughout the film, with the narrator Rocket, who is in love with Angelica. Blood is seen on many occasions, mainly coming from the gang wars and close-ups are shown particularly in my scene. * In regards to the Thriller aspect of the film’s genre, the conventions involve quick cuts, use of shadow (also seen in my scene).

* Main themes: gangsters, living in poverty and the ability to survive in harsh conditions. * Themes within the CITY OF GOD propose the ideas that this film is based in a rather damaged and corrupted society, and that the town’s population are broken morally, as well as engulfed by criminality and greatly affected by the corruption throughout the town. * This can be acknowledged by the Mise-en-scene within City of GOD... * The setting is in Brazil, and it is in a rural urban area and poverty is shown through a variety of aspects throughout the movie. * The poor conditions of the small shacks are seen numerous times, and there are dusty streets and props within each scene. * Each character is presented with poorly dressed rags, which are untidy and crinkled, ripped or torn and either have no shoes on. * With the sense of the broken moral of the people, within my scene, the mid-shot showing a front on view of Knockout Ned and the back of his brother G reveals a broken window. This shows how after Lil’ Ze hasd raped Ned’s girlfriend, he is shattered to pieces. * The script within this movie contains rather offensive language. All of the characters, including the peaceful Rocket, the narrator of this movie, uses swear words as a way to express himself. The use of language...
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