City and Longer Trip Time

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Percy Jackson
Ms. DeWalt 0307

Founded in 1836, the City of Houston has a 2010 population of 2.1 million. Houston CMSA covers 8,778 square miles, an area slightly smaller than Massachusetts. Houston is also known as the fourth most populist city in the nation. 92 countries have counsel offices in Houston. Unfortunately, Houston is not the best city in which to live in because its faults in too much traffic, tolls, and being spread out.

First, living in Houston biggest error is too much traffic. Traffic creates slower speeds. When speeds are reduced all at once it creates accidents. Thus creating longer trip time; when you are trying to reach a certain destination. To be somewhere on time you will have to leave an hour prior to the time that you are scheduled to be at definite location. The next, defect for living in Houston is the tolls. The tolls bring many expenses. Not being prepared to spend the $1.25 fees brings adjournment. Which produces traffic with the stop and go outcome. Which postpone your tip time towards your next terminus. Creating impatiens among the staled vehicles; nevertheless, turning good moods into livid tempers. Lastly, Houston’s biggest imperfection is being too enormous. A trip from one side of town to the other side of town takes hours. That seems like a never-ending trip. When your searching for something in Google map you’ll see it far from your current location. Houston population is immense adding to the axiom “everything bigger in Texas”. Over all, by Houston being too massive with countless of tolls. The structure and layout of Houston creates a lot of traffic. Regardless to this Houston makes a name for itself by helping keep the proclamation of “everything is bigger in Texas”.
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